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First Asian Team Underwater Rugby Singapore

First Asian Team Underwater Rugby (FATUWR) Singapore was founded in 2014 to introduce this exciting sport to Singapore, and hopefully, Asia. Underwater rugby was invented in the 1960s in Cologne, Germany as a way for scuba divers to keep fit in the winter (or so the story goes, anyway). Along with underwater hockey and free diving, under the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (or CMAS), underwater rugby is played as an apnea activity, meaning that you must hold your breath the whole time you are under the water.


The game is the only true 3D-team sport where both the ball and the players can use all three dimensions; presenting as much of a mental challenge as a physical one. Some have likened it to playing Quidditch underwater!

Over the years, we have expanded from a small group of 5 dedicated players to an active community of over 60 players. Look through our gallery to learn more about our FAT Family, our activities and our travels around the world for training camps and international underwater rugby competitions.

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Who can play underwater rugby?

Underwater rugby can be played by anyone. We have active players who are 17 years and others who are in their 50s. We have also had kids as young as 8 join us for a swim in the water and learn to play with the ball!

We maintain a strictly all-inclusive environment in our club and invite any and all to join us to learn more about our passion. Contact us to find out more about an introductory lesson, where we will pair you with a dedicated trainer to ensure it goes swimmingly!

What do I need to play underwater rugby?

All you need is what you’d normally bring to go swimming, plus a pair of socks and a healthy dose of enthusiasm! Ideally, men should wear a pair of close-fitting swim trunks. For women, a one-piece dark-coloured swimsuit is best. The pair of socks is to help prevent the fins from chafing your feet if you are not used to them. We will provide the mask, snorkel, fins and cap.

However, if you have any special requests, such as unusually large or small feet sizes, it’s a good idea to check with us beforehand just to ensure we are able to accommodate you.

Where in the world is the sport played?

Across the globe, you will find teams in countries as diverse as Australia, the US, the UK, Colombia, Norway, Hungary and Sweden, to name a few.


In Asia, we have successfully seeded clubs in China, specifically in Chengdu and Shanghai.

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